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Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's to do in St.Louis

Our neighbors and friends of many years officially closed on the sale of their house today, and they are staying at our house for the next week or so to finish things up here in Tennessee. So it was kind of a bittersweet day. We'revery  happy for them to have removed the financial burden of maintaining a life in Tennessee and Kansas (job relo), but it was sad to see some guy pulling up in a UHaul moving into the house across the street where we've had so many good times. But life must go on - at this point they are more like family than friends anyway - so I expect our realtionship continue for many years to come even if we're separated by more distance and don't get together as often. We've figured out that St. Louis is the halfway mark (about 5 hours drive for each of us) so hat will probably become out new stomping grounds. If anything knows anything fun to do in St.Louis, shout it out.


  1. Wow...I live there and I'm drawing a blank...sadly, most of what I think is fun has to do with food.

    The Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour is cool...there is the Arch of course.

    It is a sports town, so perhaps organize a meet up around a ball game or something.

    Forest Park is a great recreation area with several great museums...damn...I got nothing.

  2. Ok...a few more thoughts. See if there is a live show you'd enjoy at The Fabulous Fox Theater.

    The Missouri Botanical Garden is very nice.

    The New City Museum is cool, so I have heard.

    We have a wonderful Science Center with an IMAX theater.

    If you are a bar type person, I would suggest the Central West End or the Loop area.

    Honestly...I'm not really a very social guy so my life is pretty much about working and hanging out...which is also why I really want to get to someplace more outdoorsy...St. Louis does have some decent hiking in the vicinity and cycling is very popular. As mentioned before Forest Park is a great hang out for walking, running, cycling, roller blading. They have some small lakes in the middle where you can rent row boats, but now its starting to sound like date night....crap.

  3. lmao....well, when you go see your friends in St. Louis, you'll have to meet up with Kyle!! Now I'm jealous. I wanna' come too!! lol

    I was thinking about you while I was in Panama City Beach last week w/ all the floods, of course, not knowing exactly where you lived, I wasn't sure if you were affected or not. I'm glad to hear you're high and dry! :)