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Friday, May 14, 2010

Hanging In There

We had a great friend of ours and her son from out of town and some other staying at our house for the past week so we spent time with them rather on here blogging, but I have been hanging in there on the weight loss. We tended to eat mostly at home instead of at restaurants, which is good. Granted some meals were not the healthiest. For example, our friend cooks amazingly authentic Mexican food, so we had to take advantage her offer to prepare dinner, right?  And the food was so good I that had to try some of everything. And on the nights my wife and I cooked, we tended to prepare things in less healthy ways than we normally would  (pan fried tater tots instead of oven baked, and so on) to appeal more to "the masses." Exercise also fell mostly by the wayside, and I gained maybe a pound or two, but no big deal. Back on track again...well after tonight's pizza anyway.

Hope y'all are doing well and have a great weekend!


  1. Glad you're doing well. You didn't like my mom thing... :) You know it is so true...

    Mexican and pizza...must you make me drool on my computer everytime I read your blog??

  2. mmmm.. Mexicano.. yummmm...

    Good for you. I still struggle with changes in my regular routing and having them derail me. I am glad you are on track.


  3. I struggle with the house guest thing too.Or being a house guest. Or a person trying to live normally day to day.......uh what was I saying?

    I am sure the weight will come back off as soon as you're back to normal.