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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Showing Up

Someone somewhere once said that 80% of life is just showing up, and I think that applies aptly to our journeys.

We all have days or even weeks where we get off track or as my blogger friend Kyle says "eat like a jackass." Many of us started out with a vengenance on New Years Day, updating our blogs everyday with every item of food we ate and every exercise activity we did. But eventually the realities and demands of life come crashing in and it gets too difficult to maintain the same kind of everyday focus we started with. Many of the bloggers I used to chat with frequently have long since disappeared, and I fear many of them have given up on all the good progress they had made. However, many of us others have toughed it out through these distractions and through fluctuations in motivation. You know who you are. Maybe we don't all post as often as we once did and maybe some of the initial momentum has worn off from when the journey started, but we are still here, we're still committed to our long term goals, and just because we might have eaten like jackasses we ain't going anywhere, I'm proud to be in cahoots with you guys and every one of you make it a little easier and more enjoyable for me to believe I can do it long term this time.

I've been showing up for 5 1/2 months and plan to keep showing up for many more.


  1. That's right Matt...the only way to fail is to quit trying...thanks for being in it for the long run brother.

  2. Amen!! I've been at this blogging thing since last nearly a year. The sad thing is, I'm only down like 30 lbs since I started, lol. And no, I won't be doing a one-year anniversary post simply for that reason, lol....but I'm still not going anywhere. :)

  3. Love eating like a jackass, does that involve setting your ass on fire too?

    That quote is where the money is, if we all gave up everything we had an unfortunate moment there would be no one left. You get up, you keep going and you try to remember why you don't what to be like that anymore. Let's hope a few people channel their inner blogger and get back!