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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holidays Over and Mostly Sugar Free

First of all thanks to my friend Enz for the harrassment to get back to the blog. I didn't quit or anything. Just busy Holidays followed by a great visit with friends in Kansas City, and just now settling back in. Definitely picked up a couple pounds in KC with all the barbeque and beer.

In the meantime though, I've learned something I think will help.Whenever I eat a lot of foods loaded with sugar/white flour I've noticed I really feel crappy, don't sleep well, and wake up feeling unrested and lacking energy. Now I love ice cream and fried/breaded stuff as much as anyone, but I think the way it messes me up when I overdo it is a clear signal from my body telling me to quit it. For the past few days, I've cut way back on these things and have felt much better. It's just really another avenue to my original only-eat-when-hungry road that helped me shed all the weight in 2010, but I have had a lot of trouble losing pounds lately so I'll take any avenue I can get!


  1. Sometimes elimination diets can be very useful even if you don't have a specific food allergy or condition...

    Welcome back!

    1. Kyle's right..its amazing the things we can learn about our bodies just by experimenting with what we eat. Welcome stay here! don't make me come looking for you again :)