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Monday, September 6, 2010

A Weird Post for a Weight Loss Blog

Abother blogger was recently talking about vanilla Tootsie Rolls ("Midgees"), which are apparently only available in stores from September through the holidays. I love these things and went out and bought a big bag of them the next day. Not exactly good weight loss food, but like anything else, it's fine in moderation.

Happy Labor Day!


  1. I did not know that about the Vanilla Midgees! We have an old fashioned type store that sells penny candies. One of the barrels is full of midgees, and there are always vanilla ones in there. I wonder if they get an assortment?

    Nothing beats the original Tootsie Roll, though! ;-) Well, it can be complemented by Twix and Cheetos. :-D

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  3. I can't imagine what it taste like. No idea at all. Need to know how delicious it is.