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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Red Lobster 1 - Matt 0

Uusally when wife and I go out to eat we choose places that at least have some reasonably healthy choices. but we were meeting up with some friends and they suggested Red Lobster. I guess what I ordered wasn't so bad in moderation - seafood pasta with New England clam chowder. I'm just a little annoyed with myself for letting some of the silly psychology that goes into overeating take hold of me and win...

Rationalizations like...."gotta have one of the cheese biscuits"...and before you know it you've eaten 3, maybe 4.

Or..."there's less than 1/2 the pasta left on the plate now, not enough for leftovers, plus seafood isn't that good the next day, might as well finish"...even though my stomach was clearly telling me I was done.

And "might as well have a few bites of chocolate cake too" since it came as part of some special my wife had ordered and I was way past full by then.

I've always said since I started this blog that I'm not "dieting" and that I'll eat the foods I like, but stick to common sense amounts and NEVER eat when I know I'm not hungry.  I lots tons of weight in 2010 sticking to those simple principles, and tonight I let the Red Lobster steer me away from them. I know that knowing is half the battle and recognizing your behavior is the key to changing it and so forth, but it still doesn't change the fact that the score is Red Lobster 1 - Matt 0.


  1. remeber, it's just another blip on the big radar! don't keep score, just remember all this for next time. life is too short to beat yourself up over one meal out! xxx

  2. I disagree with Sandii. To a point. She is saying, not to keep score, to remember the big picture, basically. However, without keeping score, how will you remember your errors along the way. This was a time out that didn't end on the greatest side. You know where your mistakes were made, now take that info and use it to your advantage. Don't forget about it. Learn from it.

  3. I know you'll learn from it. Sometimes you gotta get hit in the face to know it hurts.

  4. How's it been going since?

    Sharron - Losing 100

  5. And now you're doing it again. Disappearing on us. Hopefully disappearing in the waistline too :)
    Come back and let us know how you're doing. Even if its just once a week.

  6. I think the most delicious dish of Red Lobster is Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits