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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Losing It

Finally starting to see some reasonable progress on the weight loss. Still got a ways to go, but I've pretty well gotten back to the point where I don't mindlessly eat anymore and I walk a least 7000+ steps a day. If I can keep that up, I'm confident I'll reach my goal in time.

One thing I think I did wrong in 2010 was to set my goal weight too low. I had lost 25 lb and was within 7-8 pounds of my goal but never could get there even though I was doing all the right things. I should have realized that I was already in the proper weight range, and just worked on maintaining. Instead I guess some frustration kicked in and I started slowly putting it back on. This year, I think I'll get it right.

Good night all!


  1. good for you!!! keep up the battle, as long as we never give up, we're moving in the right direction!

  2. Hey you..where are you????
    HOpe you're doing great.